121: Enso (with Gregg Belisle-chi)

Join us this week for a very special interview episode with our friend Gregg, who just came out with a brand new album. Gregg is a long time friend of the pod (see episode 43 on playlist making with Gregg) and so when he reached out to us about his newest album coming up and offered to have a conversation about the album, the process of making, being an artist during covid and anything else that came up we were more than down and more than curious!!!

This interview was full of space to explore as Gregg meandered in and out of telling us about his new album- what it means as a project/concept, his (and our) favorite tracks from it, as well as the process of creating and getting the music out there while also taking many tangents including adoration hour for Dave Bazan, atheism, and the complexity of art/music criticism.

To get a taste of what Gregg’s album, Enso, is all about here is an excerpt from his Bandcamp explaining the origin of the album title: ensō, in the Zen tradition, is the spiritual practice of painting a circle in one uninhibited brushstroke, symbolizing a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. The result is either an open or closed circle, the former relating to the Zen idea of wabi-sabi, or the beauty in the imperfection of all things. The latter represents a sort of transitory perfection; not that the practitioner has reached perfection, but that the moment was perfect. 

Speaking of Bandcamp, head over to Gregg’s now to check out this album and explore other artists- we also learned from Gregg how much better of a platform Bandcamp is for artists- some new food for thought.


We so hope that you enjoy this episode and it get’s you curious about Gregg’s music and the artists’ process in general 🙂

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