043: The Art of Playlist Making 2 (with Gregg Belisle-Chi)

We are back this week to do a follow up episode on one of our very first episodes….The Art of Playlist Making. About 10 months ago NST released an episode where Macie and Scott sat down and spout off about the significance of playlists in their lives, how to make the “perfect playlist”, and played fast and loose with the word “art”.

Following that episode we received an epic email from our friend, playlist conossiur, and musician Gregg Belisle-Chi. This week we sit down with him to really hash out some of his qualms with our playlist opinions as well as talk jazz, music, NY, art, philosophy, and of course a few ennea-thoughts! It really is a CURIOUS CONVERSATION!

We begin by hearing a bit about Gregg’s musical background, as he shares with us what drew him to music in the beginning, noting that it has always felt like another (perhaps more honest) way of communicating. Gregg also shares about what it was like studying music (he has his masters) and what his life looks like now, pursuing the ‘artist lifestyle’.

We then get to the heart of Gregg’s email, decoding and unpacking all of his thoughts about music, playlists, and what defines art.

To be an artist is a dedicated pursuit, not a pastime or hobby. It is abandoning rational thought and following the call of an imaginary voice that’s telling you that you have no choice but to create. It’s not show and tell, it’s taking your pants off in front of your 3rd grade classmates. It is reckless abandon.

Gregg, from the infamous email.

We then close the night by chatting enneagram with Gregg. Both Gregg and Macie are self-proclaimed 4w5’s and the emotional, melancholic, moody vibes are real as they explain and discuss a bit about their need to be authentic which often drives them into emotional ups and downs. Its a fun conversation that seems to really get at the heart at what makes us 4’s, 4’s!

If you are curious about where to find Gregg or how to support him and his musical endeavors check him out http://greggbelislechi.com and follow him on Instagram @greggbc 🙂 Thank you so much for checking out No Small Thing this week, we hoped you enjoyed this interview where we got to celebrate the differing opinions held on what is a playlist and what qualifies art! See ya next week for a Macie takeover of NST 🙂

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