063: Age and Wisdom 3

We are back with out third installment Age and Wisdom. It’s a large underlying value of NST’s to see the inherent wisdom and insight in children/youth/those who are younger than us so its always fun when we come to this topic where we get to deep dive why this means so much to us. This episode starts with an actual interview with youths! For the first ten-ish minutes enjoy Scott interviewing a group of young teens 🙂 We then jump into the episode! Macie shares quite a bit about what its like working in an environment that views children as competent, capable, and powerful. They explain the philosophy of a Reggio inspired school as well as tell some silly, and some profound stories from the classroom. Scott then takes us on a lovely book tour of Dan Allender’s How Children Raise Parents. This is a book we highly recommend!! Scott discusses what its been like for him reading this book as a parent and youth pastor. It’s big, and we even hear an Annie Dillard quote!! We hope this episode is potentially helpful for those of us out there parenting or teaching kids or interacting with youth’s in our life, age and wisdom are no small thing!!!

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