031: Parties

This week we are talking…parties! What the heck qualifies a party anyways? Why are we getting together in the first place? Is there a perfect party? Are we concerned about the introverts coming to celebrate?

It seems that parties are a part of the human experience, some of us love them and some of us hate them…we have some mixed feelings about.

We begin this episode by reading quality listener thoughts on parties. Click here to check them out.

“Listen to the voices of the people folks, they need to be fed!”

Scott shares his three big pillars for a party: lighting, music, and food.

While Macie explains how pumped she would be about a party ending in a dance party.

Reuven joins the discussion to share a “Reuvenation” which, per usual is a poetry reading. This week he reads on of his favorite poems, Invitation to Miss Marianne Moore by Elizabeth Bishop.

We close the episode by sharing our BIG PARTY THOUGHTS, sharing stories from epic parties of the past and dreaming about what it would look like for the No Small Team to throw a party of our own!

One of Scott’s biggest party inspirations!

We hope you enjoyed this fun, light-hearted episode on parties! Don’t forget to follow us on instagram @nosmallthing to share your thoughts and opinions.

Next week we are deep diving Beach House! We invite you to deep dive this atmospheric pop duo with us in prep for next week! Thanks for listening!

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