Enneagram Resources

We believe that the Enneagram is No Small Thing.  We are a big obsessed with it, and are eager to share all the resources we have found helpful as we dive deeper and deeper into the Enneagram (and ourselves!) Here are some of the books and podcasts we would recommend for anyone along the journey!!



“The Wisdom of the Enneagram”  by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson.

This book is often nicknamed the Bible of the Enneagram, I think both because of its seeming “eternal truth-ness and beauty” but also because of the depth/richness to the text.  I could meditate on a single paragraph from this book for a month…and use it at other times as a reference point when trying to explain variants! Basically this book is the REAL DEAL. If you feel you are ready to “dive into the Enneagram” this would be IMO the best place to start 🙂

The Sacred Enneagram” by Chris Huertz 9780310348276_p0_v3_s600x595

A favorite of the No Small Thing, this is a really good comprehensive guide to how we can use the Enneagram as a “sacred map to our souls’.  This book is a bit easier to digest than the Wisdom and focuses a bit more on the Enneagram’s relationship to spirituality.

Chris Huertz is also the “Enneagram Consultant” for all of the Sleeping at Last podcasts on the Enneagram 🙂


The Enneagram Made Easy” by Renee Baron & Elizabeth Wagele9780062510266_p0_v2_s600x595

This is a good “dipping your toes” into the Enneagram book.  It includes fun drawings and “ways to get along” for each number.  If you are still in the beginning stages of learning about the Enneagram and exploring the different numbers this book is a ‘low stakes’ starter book!



“The Enneagram “ and “The Enneagram in Love and Work” by Helen Palmer


Helen Palmer is a huge ‘voice’ of the Enneagram.  Her work and writing adds a beautifully nuanced depth to the Enneagram.  If you are looking to keep diving into the Enneagram…you got to check out Helen 🙂



The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge by Beatrice Chestnut

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While none of us on the NST have actually read this book (all the way through) or own it, Beatrice Chestnut is also a huge ‘voice’ of the Enneagram and this is considered one of the best books to understanding sub-types.    If you are looking to deep dive the way instinctual variants collide with our ego-fixations this is the book for you 🙂





Here are some podcast episodes of podcast shows that we think would be helpful when first being introduced to the Enneagram:

The Liturgists: The Enneagram

This is a link to a single podcast by The Liturgists Podcast where they discuss each of the 9 different numbers with Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile (writers and Enneagram teachers).  This is a good podcast if you are just beginning to hear/learn about the Enneagram.

The Sleeping At Last Podcast

This podcast is amazing!  Ryan O’Neil, the guy behind Sleeping At Last invites you (the listener) to hear the behind the scenes making of each of his Enneagram songs, part of a larger project he is working on.  Ryan takes the Enneagram really seriously and with a cool sense of beauty and grace…these episodes are fun to listen to while also really helpful in understanding the different types.  Christ Huertz (author of the Sacred Enneagram) makes a guest appearence on each of the Enneagram episodes!

Enneagram for Idiots

This is Macie’s favorite podcast.  This is a banter podcast that is super fun/funny to listen to…but the hosts also have a really good understanding of the Enneagram and explore it in really interesting ways…highly recommend!!

Other Enneagram podcasts:

Typology Podcast

The Road Back to You

The Enneagram Journey

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