019: Twenty One Pilots 2

This week we are discussing Twenty One Pilots, and more specifically Twenty One Pilots during the TRENCH ERA!

To listen click here.

We share a bit about the roll-out of the album and overall impressions (though words seem to inadequate!)

We discuss that this album BOPS and BANGS and how Morph SLAPS when performed live!

Macie breifly mentions the DEMA website as a part of the roll out and lore of the album. Here is the offical link to the site: http://dmaorg.info/found/15398642_14/clancy.html if you wish to dive deeper into TRENCH.

Reuven also gives a wonderful Rumination, inspired by Neon Gravestones and reads “After the Grand Perhaps” by Lucie Brock-Broido.

We reference an interview Tyler Jospeh has with Zane Lowe that happened the day after Tyler sent TRENCH in as a “mastered” album.  This interview explains quite a bit more about the process of creating this album, what it represents, and how the clique has played a part in its creation.

Scott, Macie, and Sydney (friend/listener of NST/TOP clique member) each share their favorite songs and moments from the album.

No Small Thing listeners…welcome to TRENCH.


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