021: The Art of Podcasting

This week we are ‘checking in’ and celebrating what it has been like as the No Small Team to start a podcast!

We share a bit about the journey leading up to our first episode and how big of a deal it was to physically BUY THE MICS!

We take turns offering our different inspirations we look to as podcasters…which are also our recommendations of people/projects to check out:

The Popcast with Knox and Jamie 

Beautiful Stories by Anonymous People 

The Breakfast Club

beach house

Broad City

We take a few moments to introduce Strength Finders, a tool we were introduced to when we worked at a church together; and one of our first bonding moments as we share 3/5 same strengths: ideation, input, connectedness.

Don Cliffton, creator of Strength Finders

Check it out here.

At the end of this week’s episode we share our hopes and dreams for ‘No Small Thing’:

  • A live ‘Listening Party’
  • A live podcast recording
  • Writing a book on the Enneagram for families
  • Creating more audio collages/listening party for your ears
  • Improving our podcast production
  • Continuing to grow an intentional community around No Small Thing

We hope this episode helps you to understand the mission of No Small Thing, to spread curiosity and interest in a cynical world.

Thanks for listening and supporting the pod!

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