046: Color

From day one at No Small Thing Macie has been insisting we one day do an episode on color, and the day has finally arrived. Welcome to episode 46 where we meander, philosophize, emotionalize, and dissect the concept of color.

There is so much to say, it seems maybe even too many things but we do our best to have a curious conversation unpacking the role color plays in shaping the way we all see the world.

In our opening segment, “Pop off to color!” Macie begins by sharing a bit of her color journey, specifically exposing how jus the simple color of paint on her walls growing up shaped her emotional landscape (enneagram 4 vibes for days in this portion!). We legit POP OFF pondering the way we experience a world of color, both in nature and through moderne technology and pigment extraction!

We then head over to our instagram to explore listener opinions about all the colors of the rainbow! We break down each color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black and Pink discussing both our own feelings/associations with each color and exploring y’alls opinions as well. We are all perceiving these colors with different lenses so its quite fascinating to reflect on the myriad of color interpretations.

Reuven then joins us for “Reuven’s Poetry Corner” as well as bit of a true Reuvenation on the color red! He shares “Less and Less Human, O Savage Spirit” by

We close and wrap up this conversation as Macie shares a bit about her personal relationship with color itself as a paint form. What is it about a rainbow that is so captivating and breath-taking? The answer to that is maybe beyond words?

We hope that you enjoyed this roller coaster of an episode. Color is everywhere and all around us, we shape our days around it yet rarely take the time to pause and think about its effect. May this curious conversation give you permission to pause and think a bit more about the brightness of your lemon, the richness of the forest, or the comfort of a dark blue night.

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