120: Enneagram and Sports

Join us this week as we curiously explore the intersection of the enneagram and sports! This episode is inspired by our friend (and listener of NST) Eli who told us this needed to happen and it doesn’t exist anywhere else on the internet. We were up for the conversation and as *per usual* this topic was no small thing. This conversation took us so many places: a fun light-hearted bantery one full of ridiculous ways to use the enneagram perfect for the eerie times of 8 months into pandemic land (what even is time?).

As mentioned this episode is more the the playful side of the enneagram- while we believe the symbol to be incredibly powerful symbol towards healing and trasnformation, we also wanted to lean into a bit of the lighter/sillier ways people engage with the enneagram! Our mood board with these enneagram episode includes: conversations with actual people, psychoanalytic aspects, spiritual sides, memes, hot takes, and a lot of Beatrice Chestnut fan-palling.

Freshman in high school Mace 😂😂😂

So listen and talk back to us as we engage with y’alls takes (from @enneagramreposts) about how each number engages with sports– are all 3’s show-offs and super competitive?? Are 2’s in it for the friends? Do 8’s love hockey??? We take a break and come back with a funny/fun segment where Scott and Mace try and “type” each sport- some sports were easier to type than others!

The episode closes with hearing from Eli themself…the founder and idea inspirer of the this episode. Eli begins by sharing what they were looking in for in this episode (we may or may not have delivered ) and then dives in telling us their experiences with sports and his enneagram number…the interview sadly gets cut-off towards the end but this really is a sneak-peak to a potential full episode with Eli….

We hope you enjoy this conversation! Next week we sit down with our friend (and friend of the pod) Gregg Belisle-Chi to talk all things creativity, nostalgia, and hear about his newest album releasing in a week. Stay curious friends!!1

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