074: Kanye West (Jesus Is King)

Jesus is King is indeed a controversial album (as all Kanye albums are!) and we are here for the deep dive! We try to approach this album with curiosity, but in reality we are both quite critical of it. Both of us take theology and spirituality very seriously (in our own ways) so we have a lot of opinions about Kanye’s new direction. Our opinions hopefully spark your curiosity as well as invite you into listening thoughtfully to this VERY POPULAR album…why is it even so popular??? Know that we are trying to be curious right along side of you and that our opinions have probably changed even after this recording. We hope you enjoy dissecting Jesus is King and also reminiscing on some of Kanye’s best work!

We each share our “hot takes” on the album which tend to lean towards its theological stance. Is this just a archetypal show by Kanye? Is this album a reflection of his mental health? How could his clinging to prosperity gospel be harmful to peoples spirituality? All these questions and wanderings make their way into this conversation.

We both consider ourselves big FANS of Kanye, yet this album has left us in a state of limbo. Here are some other opinion pieces we have found helpful as we digest Jesus is King:


We close our conversation trying to remember what it is we love about Kanye each sharing our “top 5” songs from West throughout his entire discography.

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