040: Enneagram 8’s

This week we are back with our 8th installment of the Enneagram. We whole heartedly believe in the wisdom The Enneagram of Personality offers and we were super pumped this week to be discussing and interviewing….ENNEAGRAM 8’S!

We sat down with two Enneagram 8’s this week: Rebecca and Hannah (well virtually sat down with Rebecca as she joined us via FaceTime). They both brought the heat and energy, as is expected when talking about 8’s!

Starting with a bit of their journeys, Rebecca and Hannah each explained when they first heard about the Enneagram and discovered their type. **Please note Scott and Macie apologize for any ‘unethical’ Enneagram typing that took place when they were first sharing about it. We, today, believe it is important NOT to type other people!**

“Eights enjoy taking on challenges themselves as well as giving others opportunities that challenge them to exceed themselves in some way. They are charismatic and have the physical and psychological capacities to persuade others to follow them into all kinds of endeavors.”

Wisdom of the Enneagram

Toward the end of the conversation we, for the first time ever, discuss INSTINCTUAL VARIANTS. Instinctual variants are another layer to understanding your personality development we have been finding incredibly useful in the past few months. On this episode we BRIEFLY discuss what variants are and then delve into the Sexual, Self-Preservation, and Social instincts in 8’s!

Reuven then joins us for a ‘Reuvenation’ sharing a wonderful poem, “New York Poem” by Terrence Hayes.

We close the conversation by sharing a bit about the 8’s journey back to vulnerability, self and essence, with a short reading from the Wisdom.

Enneagram 8’s, we love you! Thank you for the energy, excitement, righteous anger, honesty, and intensity you bring to this world and your relationships, we hope this episode was honoring to y’all.

Catch ya next week for an episode all about….F R I E N D S H I P!

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