049: Beauty Will Save The World

Originally coined in Dostoevsky’s The Idiot, this week the NST team unpacks and unravels a discussion around the phrase, “Beauty will save the world.” What is beauty? And what do we mean by saving the world? Join us as we wonder out loud about art and the role it plays with inspiration, transcendence, religion, and basically life.


We each discuss which kinds of art/aspects of beauty that we are drawn to, compelled by, and inspired by. Scott explains that the art he is typically moved by must first take into full account the darkness/bleakness of the world before offering signs of hope. Emo Macie of course agrees, but also explains how moving texture and color and sound can be.

We wonder if its not just the products of art that offer something essential for our world, but the PROCESS of participating in creating art may also have saving power.

We then have a nice lil’ “Show and Share” aka “Beauty Will Save Scott and Macie” aka Scott and Macie each sharing different “beautiful things” that have inspired them.

Scott begins with a reading, a song, and a poem. He reads “Soujouner” by Annie Dillard from Teaching a Stone to Talk (we HIGHLY recommend this book). We then listen to “A Christmas F**cking Miracle” by Run the Jewels, check out the video below.

Scott closes his share time listening to “Make Belief” by Pádraig O Tuama.

During Macie’s share time she brings a song, an excerpt and a story! Surprise, surprise! Macie shares a song from Twenty One Pilots…but for real TOP is so inspiring because of the way they acknowledge the ‘dark night of the soul’ and give space to the voices inside our heads, enjoy Migraine below.

Macie then shares a bit of a reading, from Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan/

In closing Macie shares a story about how something as simple as a graffiti flower on a the road can bring a little life and light in a season of “sads”.

The night closes for the first time with a Reuvenation. From To See the Earth Before the End of the World, he reads “New World Orchestra” and “New World Orchestra and the Market of the Weavers” by Ed Roberson.

Thanks for listening, next week we celebrate episode number 50 with a deep dive on the Enneagram’s history and key thinkers! Blessings!

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