051: Curiosity

Welcome to episode 51…C U R I O S I T Y!!!

We are a podcast dedicated to helping you live a less cynical more curious life so it only seemed fitting we eventually sit down and have a full blown conversation about what we even think it means to be curious and why we care SO DANG much about it!

We begin by popping off free form about curiosity and why we find ourselves. wanting to lean into the practice of cultivating curiosity. By nature curiosity makes space for the grey and draw us towards wondering and discovery. We share a bit about ‘doing NST’ has helped cultivate our curiosity and the benefits a curious mindset can have in sparking wonder, creativity, and new discovery.

A society that values order above all else will seek to suppress curiosity. But a society that believes in progress, innovation, and creativity will cultivate it, recognizing that the inquiring minds of its people constitute its most valuable asset.

Ian Leslie

Scott **obviously** read a book about curiosity and came with many thoughts and quotions sparking the thought about CURIOSITY AS TABOO. We unpack and discuss why people might fear curiosity when it is such a powerful fuel for innovation, discovery, and creativity.

Reuven joins us for a REUVENATION…no poetry tonight! Reuven drops some big thoughts about curiosity and innocence [lack of innocence] concluding somehow having us all believing perhaps our brains are a house.

We conclude the discussion by talking about two different kinds of curiosity. Diversive curiosity which is curiosity that jumps from one thing to another, almost in a manic-like way. While this curiosity isn’t necessarily bad but it can be problematic and a bit less substantial. Epistemic Curiosity functions differently in that it operates towards a directive focus of attention, it begins like diverse curiosity with a spark of wonder and cultivates a track of deeper learning.

We are out here trying to be more curious, we hope our conversation sparked some wonder and curiosity in you. Thank you for giving us a listen:)

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