056: Home

H-O-M-E. What a big topic! What do we even mean by home? We ourselves aren’t quite sure – …home as in houses…home is where the heart is…home as a feeling….you are your own home… ?? If you are looking for a meandering conversation between two pals about a topic that’s almost too relatable, this is the episode for you!

We begin by sharing a bit about why we chose the topic and how much the concept of home means to us. It is seriously such a hard word to describe or define but we do our best. Macie attempts at describing the feeling of a home as a place having its own aura, picturing a house as just a skeleton but a home glowing from within… is this bonkers?

Macie then shares a bit about their home, explaining a bit about the energy they and their housemates hope to create emphasizing a home as a ‘judgement free zone!’ See some “porch is home” pics 🙂

Scott shares about what building his home was like with his wife with a family in mind, explaining how moving to another city for a year helped ground their family and give them a fresh start. We get a little philosophical about homes as well 😮

We close this week with a Reuvenation! Last time Reuven talked about ghosts…this time its haunted houses! We get some random Reuven thoughts followed by a reading of “Who Am I, Without Exile” by Mahmoud Darwish.

We hope you enjoyed this episode…we kept it nice and short 🙂 join us next week as we unpack…style!!! Whaaa!

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