069: Gender

A long awaited topic for No Small Thing we touch the surface on a construct that is playing massive roles in our lives and how we orient ourselves.

While this episode is titled gender and we discuss partially the conceptual element of gender, this episode is also close to the NST heart as it’s Macie’s “coming out” conversation with y’all about being genderqueer.

Story telling is so POWERFUL. Macie shares their journey of their relationship to gender. Macie explains what it was like growing up assigned female at birth but always feeling like that didn’t quite fit their experience. They share the differing stages of their journey from being considered a tomboy for years, to seasons of trying to “pass” as a straight cis girl, to coming to terms, acceptance, and celebration of who they are. The conversation meanders as Macie reflects on their own personal journey and Scott shares how the topic has being unlocking him to a whole new way of seeing the world in awareness of the pervasive nature of the gender binary.

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