042: Phones

Phones!? What the heck!? A podcast about phones….what could this be about?

This week Scott and Macie discuss phones in a myriad of ways, from who is defining phone etiquette, to emotional existential regret for phones, to how each Enneagram type might view a phone! We invite you into this curious conversation where the topic is thrown on the table and we do our best to share our honest thoughts about it 🙂

This week’s discussion begins with a journey (of sorts!). Scott and Macie originally recorded an in-depth conversation about their personal phone journeys, but the universe had its way with that discussion (aka the recording didn’t work/save). So we briefly reflected on our journeys looking more perspectively/at the impact phones have had on our lives thus far.

We then dive into a strange phone conversation, mostly regarding read receipts! Are they they good? bad? Is it better to have them? (Macie says yes!)

We asked and you answered this week about your opinions about the little red bubbles. For some people (Macie included) getting rid of the red bubbles is ESSENTIAL, while other people (Scott included) somehow don’t even see them. We use this to spring form discussion and POP OFF!

We close the conversation by bantering about how each enneagram number uses/feels about phones. These are our free form thoughts and we try and lean into the banter, inspired by “Enneagram for Idiots”!

Thank you so much for joining us this week, we hope you enjoyed the conversation, and it maybe inspired you to stop, pause, and take a look at that device you are holding and wonder about it!

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