034: Steven Universe

This week is all about …

Steven Universe!!!

It’s no secret that Scott and Macie are mega-fans of Steven Universe so doing an episode talking about/geeking out about/breaking down the season 5 season finale, Change Your Mind, seemed like a no- brainer!

Before we dive too deep into Change Your Mind, a 45 minute long finale that seems to be a culmination of so much built up in the series so far, we try and ‘make a case’ for why Steven Matters!

One of the many reasons discussed is Steven Universe’s beautiful way of showing a counter-narrative to the typical ‘macho male’. Steven is soft, warm, and sensitive while seeming to being awe-strikingly naive of the ‘gender norms’ meant for a typical young boy.

Check this video out if you are curious to see this displayed and explained quite well by the “Pop Culture Detective”.

We then get to to talking about season finale CHANGE YOUR MIND where SO MUCH HAPPENS.

We got three new fusions!!!

Rainbow Quartz 2.0

While we were planning on talking about the fusions, we mostly gabbed on about how exciting it was as a fan to witness first Blue, then Yellow, and finally, White really see Steven as Steven and not Pink.

“If every pork chop were perfect we wouldn’t have hot dogs!”

We discuss White Diamond A LOT…because she is such a creepy, eerie, seemingly “perfect” villain. Are there even villains in Steven Universe?

Go to minute 7:24 to see the exact moment and inspiration for White Diamond discussed in The Steven Universe Podcast. If you are curious about what was taught to young American children about Menstruation in the 1940’s-60’s take a look at the whole thing!

We end by discussing the Throne Room Scene aka Steven getting inside White’s head and talking to her gem to gem! Watch the EPIC scene below where we see Steven, for the first time separated from his gem. GASP! GASP! GASP!

We hope you enjoy this special Steven Universe episode, we clearly are super fans of the show and hope you at least enjoyed two Steven pals popping off about a sacred cartoon 🙂

Steven Universe meets the Enneagram

Can’t wait for y’all to join us next week as we pivot over to the ENNEAGRAM, talking about and with the fun, spontaneous, easy-going 7’s!

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