055: Enneagram 5’s (Wings and Variants)

We are back y’all with another Enneagram episode and another episode on 5’s! This time as we deep dive this complex mysterious number we zoomed in on the differences between 5w4’s and 5w6’s as well as the instinctual variants of the types! This week was extra special too because Scott’s son, Jack, was our special guest…a dad and a son who are both 5’s!!!

We began with a little insider interview as Macie questioned Scott on what being a five looks like for him. Scott brought the stories, realizations, insights, and observations for all you other fives out there! Scott is also a hard 5w4 **cue existential gap** and he goes all in on explaining what the emotionally indulgent four wing looks like smashing into his emotionally detached 5 ego.

After talking about his 4 wing we then talk about the instinctual variants in 5’s, Scott is a Sexual five so we heard first hand how this kind of five operates, how it can look both similar and dissimilar to traditionally “five characteristics”.

We tease it all episode and it finally comes! Jack joins us to talk about his experiences with the enneagram. He begins by sharing a bit of how he discovered/approached the Enneagram and ultimately landed on his number.

We then jump into discussing some of the differences between Scott and Jack naming and explaining how the six wing plays a huge role in adhering to structure and systems for Jack (quite the opposite of Scott). We close the discussion by talking about the social instinct in Jack!

We so hope you 5’s out there enjoyed this episode and felt understood! It was so fun to have the fam on this week, we hope you had some fun listening too!

PS sorry we don’t have anyone to represent being a self-pres 5 officially!

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