022: Sleep

This week we are discussing sleep, from the different sleep patterns we all have, to the ‘dark side’ of the night time, to introducing a new animal archetype in the morning bird/night owl discussion!

Both Scott and Macie identify as ‘late nighters’ and they each share some stories of what its like to stay up late at night, when the ‘secret self’ comes out.  Scott expresses just how ANGRY mornings make him, while Macie is just a zombie for the first few hours of the morning.

While being night owls has its perks, the quiet stillness of the night and the sacred beauty of being the only one awake, there are also some darker elements to staying up all night.  Macie talks a bit about how sleep induces a lot of anxiety and we both discuss the importance of creating and maintaining good sleep hygiene.

Check out some sleep tips here.

We take a few minutes to read some listener comments, hearing from the early birds AND night owl listeners…according to a poll 66% of NST listeners consider themselves night owls!

Reuven joins us for a ‘Reuven Rumination’ …’Reuvenation’…”Reuven’s Poetry Corner”?  He shares a bit about how he likes to sleep with a body pillow then reads the first two letters from House A by Jennifer Cheng.  Both of which lead to many snaps!

We close the night by introducing 4 new animal archetypes (bear, wolf, lion, dolphin) to explain the different sleep patterns we have based on The Power of When by Micahel Breus. Scott thinks he is a wolf, and Macie thinks she is a wolf-dolphin 🙂

To take a quiz and find out more click here.

We hope that this conversation sparked your interested to maybe be a bit more curious about sleep! It is so important to our mental, physical, and emotional health to be thoughtful and intentional with the sacred act of sleep! Both of us are feeling convicted and inspired to continue to grow in our sleep habits since recording.  Thanks for listening and happy sleeping 🙂

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