035: Enneagram 7

This week we jump back into the Enneagram celebrating and centering our episode on the ENNEAGRAM 7’s!

Enneagram 7’s are known for their spontaneity, their love of life, and their ability to bring positivity and joy into almost any situation.

We were honored to sit down with not just one, but two Enneagram 7’s which made for a really fun, funny, and silly time! Mark and JJ each brought a lot of energy as well as wisdom and insight into the beauty of being a 7 as well as the shadow points.

Both Mark and JJ shared about their first experiences with the Enneagram, uncovering the passion of 7’s- gluttony. JJ and Mark become their own witnesses of how 7’s are narcissistic, relishing in the spotlight of holding mics and talking about about their number!

“Nobody likes 7’s as much as I like being a 7”

Mark Russo

We hear lots of stories from both JJ and Mark as well as stories about salad? How does a a 7 make a salad? Limitless possibilities?t

And within less than 30 minutes of talking the 7’s decided they wanted to take over the podcast and be the hosts! Scott and Macie, both positioned in the withdrawing stances didn’t stand a chance standing up to two 7’s positioned in the aggressive stance.

We close the night by hearing wonderful words of advice and encouragement for 7’s, centering around the practice of staying present.

Throughout the episode we talked about three specific Enneagram books we highly recommend: The Complete Enneagram by Beatrice Chestnut, The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, and The Enneagram by Helen Palmer.

Thanks for joining us on the journey, and thank you 7’s for making the world a happier, brighter place 🙂

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