079: Beyond Shame (with Matthais Roberts)

About a year ago we heard of a really great podcast called Queerology- a podcast that highlights the stories of queer people of faith. Then we found out that is was a LOCAL podcast. It soon became a priority for us to get to know the host (Matthias) and hopefully get at least one chance to interview him. We so believe in the mission of Queerology and by the time we got around to interview Matthias we discovered that he was just finishing up a book that was about to release!

During this episode Matthias talks about growing up queer in a context that he describes as borderline “fundamentalist”. This, of course, lead to all sorts of shame regarding his identity especially as it pertained to same sex attraction.

Through the grace of God he ended up at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology where he received two Masters degrees, became a licensed therapist, and started a very cool podcast called Queerology! Here’s a link to the podcast if you haven’t checked it out yet (we highly recommend it!). https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/queerology-a-podcast-on-belief-and-being/id1241721675

Eventually we get to talking about Matthias’ new book called Beyond Shame. We got an advanced copy of it to read before our conversation with Matthias and were both so impressed by the novelty of the book. There just isn’t anything out there that addresses the need for people to develop their own sexual ethic quiet at artfully and concisely as this book. It is insightful, practical, and inspirational! We definitely recommend pre-ordering this book especially since you get a few gifts if you pre-order it before its January release date! Here’s a link to Matthias’ website where you can order Beyond Shame! https://matthiasroberts.com/beyondshame/

As always thank you for listening! You can engage with us more on Instagram or feel free to e-mail us at nosmallthingpodcast@gmail.com. And here’s a link to our episode with Matthias! https://soundcloud.com/no-small-thing/079-beyond-shame-with-matthias-roberts

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