032: Beach House

This week we are talking the atmospheric, the timeless, the cloudy, dream pop duo from Baltimore…insert synth noise…Beach House.

Scott has a top three when it comes to music: Kanye, Kendrick, and Beach House, so finally getting to sit down and talk about this duo is seriously no small thing! While Scott is the OG Beach House fan, Macie also claims at one point on this episode that Beach House is creeping into her top bands list!!

For the first part of the episode Macie and Scott share in their love and curiosity for a notoriously mysterious band, trying their best to describe a seemingly indescribable sound!

Beach House is MOODY and Macie (the 4w5) and Scott (the 5w4) are here for it! (is Victoria a 4??? a 5??)

Reuven joins us this week for a Reuvenation aka ‘Reuven’s Poetry Corner’ with two poems in honor and memory of Mary Oliver. He reads The Bobcat and Vultures by Mary Oliverwhich seem to pair nicely with Beach House’s “Zebra”. Check out this really special live recording of this beloved song!

Scott and Macie close the night by sharing and guessing their favorite songs of Beach House’s with some curious similarities and differences in their ‘top lists!’ (If you are a Beach House fan, try and think of your own top 5 before listening!)

We hope you enjoy this deep dive on an epic band, and we hope that if you aren’t a fan of Beach House already you check them out, because their music, their vibe, their sound really is no small thing! Thanks for listening and supporting the podcast!

P.S. Beach House takes the coolest moodiest photos so here are a few of our favorites below! Iconic!!!

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