036: Christina Cleveland

On this week’s episode we got to sit down and chat (via FaceTime) with Christena Cleveland! If you don’t know who she is, she is E P I C and someone we have been dreaming of interviewing since the start of the pod!

I integrate
justice and reconciliation,
hope and lament,
social psychology and theology,
research and practice,
pro-blackness and pro-humanity,
truth and love,
contemplation and action.

In pursuit of a new reality
in which all people have an empowered seat at the table,
and there is no longer us and them
– but simply us.

Christena Cleveland

A theologian, social psychologist, writer, public speaker, and professor at Duke Divinity School, Christena had so much wisdom to share regarding the state of Christianity today and its relationship with American history. Christena brings the heat as she boldly and beautifully reminds us that God is not a white male god, inviting us to explore the mysterious and feminine nature of God.

Wherever there is patriarchy, there is self-pity. Patriarchy kills the compassionate mother within, and we must turn outward for a form of comfort.

Matthew Fox

We also get to talk about her pilgrimage to France, where she shares about the Black Madonna and at the end of the episode we briefly chat about the Enneagram (spoiler alert: Christena is a 1!)

Christena runs an AMAZING instagram with so much content and insight into what she is up to currently, we highly suggest you check it out and give her a follow!

Thank you so much for listening, we hope you enjoyed this extra special interview with Christena Cleveland 🙂 Catch y’all next week 🙂

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