041: Friendship

Welcome to episode 41 where we unpack potentially one of the least small things: FRIENDSHIP!

What even defines friendship? What qualities make for a “good” friend? What expectations come with friendship? Why do we even need friends? Are there levels of friendship? Why does friendship even matter in the end? This topic is one that we ALL can relate to, and all have something to say about it. This week Scott and Macie do their very best to share some of their thoughts and opinions all about this big ol’ concept of friendship!

We begin by first trying to define friendship. Shout out to dictionary.com for this revolutionary definition, “the state of being friends”, not very helpful!!! But seriously, is there one universal definition of friendship, and is there a manual we must all follow. It seems that we all carry our own meanings and expectations of what makes for a friend, and what we are looking for in another person as a friend.

We then spend a bit of time sharing about our own personal friendship journeys. Macie shares about her early patterns of childhood friendship, while Scott explains how he was always looking to pull his friends away from the crowd for some more 1-1 time. This week we also get a bit emo and sentimental as we reflect on the power, beauty, and importance of friends along the journey.

Y’all get a bit of an ‘inside scoop’ as Macie and Scott then share about their personal journey of becoming friends, and how much doing the podcast together has bonded them and given them a space to ‘play’ as friends.

The conversation wraps up with some amazing listener comments, where we hear other folks opinions on friendships. Big words get thrown around such as TRUST, ACCOUNTABILITY, LOYALTY, CONNECTION, and FUN!

Thank you for listening and being a part of the no small thing community, we consider y’all to be our friends 🙂

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