045: Enneagram 9’s

On this week’s episode we reach the culmination of our Enneagram series talking all about the 9’s! These folk are easygoing peacemakers, who make for welcoming friends and wonderful mediators. We are joined by our dear friend Daniel who brings so much insight and wisdom…as well as a myriad of water metaphors!

Daniel begins by sharing a bit of his own journey discovering the Enneagram and identifying with type 9, naming some key 9 characteristics such as inertia, sloth, anger-repression, and perceived childhood wounds…we get right into it!

Also during this first segment we delve deep into water metaphors; Daniel beautiful paints the image of a 9’s having a source of water within them that they dam up, but when they can channel their energy and open the dam they become like a raging river. Scott then explains 9’s as tea kettles…the water metaphors don’t seem to ever stop, like a an ever-flowing river.

We then get into some READINGS and pop off about them: Scott reads Naranjo, and Macie and Daniel each read something from Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson…basically it’s our idea of a party!

For average Nines, directness, making their desires known, or taking a strong position feels like an aggressive act. Nines believe that if they assert themselves, they risk disrupting or even destroying the harmony that exists in their relationships. Thus they being to think that by being conciliatory and subordinating themselves to others, they can maintain their relationships and their own emotional peace. Nines say yes when they mean no.

Understanding the Enneagram by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

We are then joined by Reuven for one of the best “Reuvenations” to date. In Reuven’s Poetry Corner this week he reads from Boris by the Sea by Matvei Yankelevich…Reuven begins by saying he doesn’t think they relate to the Enneagram, but they totally do!!!

Withdrawn stance personified.

We enter our final segment discussing STANCES. Macie (4), Scott (5), and Daniel (9) are all withdrawn types, so we spend some time discussing how that looks for each number.

These types are generally receptive and internally-focused. Each responds to problems, threats and obstacles through avoidance. In other words, there’s a distinct sense of the self being small, weak or vulnerable and easily overwhelmed by the world. They feel a need to shut out external influences before their needs can be met.

Richelle McKinley

We close the night by reading a benediction of sorts, the Emergence of Essence for the 9’s. We hope that any 9 who listens feels this episode is honoring to your type and enlightening to who you are. We are so grateful for the love, peace, stillness, hope, and sweetness you bring into the world.

**This is NOT the end of NST doing Enneagram episodes by the way, just the beginning…much more to come as we continue to be curious around such a wonderful tool!**

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