020: The Enneagram (type 2)

This week the no small team continues in our ‘Enneagram Series’ sitting down and talking with Katie (KT) Thomas, who is an enneagram 2 as well as one of Scott and Macie’s close friends and former co-workers!


We begin with a few notes of what each of us has been learning since we last sat down five weeks ago and discussed the Enneagram.

Check out 015: Enneagram (type 1) here

Scott ‘got real’ and reminded us that we need to STOP TYPING OTHER PEOPLE. Something we are both guilty of doing! 

We reference a rant by Abi Robins on their Instagram, @consciousenneagram. *please note this post includes some (foul) language, but in the spirit of the rant we wanted to include it!*

“First of all: it is Enneagram party foul number 1 to type another person. JUST STOP DOING IT! It devalues the insight the Enneagram provides and reduces a person down to a number, which is EXACTLY what the Enneagram is NOT about. Understanding your type is a deep and intimate process that requires self exploration on a level most people aren’t even ready for. To take that journey away from someone is to rob them of one of the most important processes of this work.
Secondly, typing a public figure who is so insanely polarizing and clearly unhealthy is demeaning and hurtful to all the people who share the type you want plaster on the person in question. The Enneagram holds most of our deepest and darkest wounds, and these wounds dictate most of our behavior until we become conscious of it and do the work to shift it. This is sensitive work and no matter what type we are, we don’t need a walking example of our worst possible self jabbering at us every time we turn on the television.
Thirdly, check your fucking bias before putting a public figure on blast. It’s clear to me as an 8 (a number often attributed to the person in question) that people tend to dump these less than model figures on numbers they don’t like. Both 8’s and 3’s have rough go of it in the Enneagram community and to see Enneagram “experts” calling 45 out as either one of those only furthers the stigma.
And lastly, you don’t actually know, so shut the fuck up. Your speculation is at best intellectual masturbation and at its worst deeply harmful.

Macie talks about how the enneagram should be essentially used as a tool for self-discovery NOT self-improvement.

No matter how painful our early experiences were, our Essences cannot be harmed.  Our Essence is waiting for the opportunity to reveal itself.  In a very true sense, we are waiting for the opportunity to become ourselves.”  [Wisdom of the Enneagram]

KT joins the conversation and we discuss who exactly are the enneagram type 2’s…these people are the helpers, friends, healers, nurturers, givers, and lovers of this world!

KT shares about how hearing about her ‘need to be needed’ was the first insight into understanding her type. We discuss the core fears and characteristics of the type 2’s, with KT sharing from her own experience how these ‘ego-motivations’ have played out in her life.

We spent a few minutes explaining wing-types/wing theory and whether KT resonates more with her 1 wing or 3 wing.

Then we read through listener comments who shared their own experiences/insights as ennea-type 2’s.  Check out those comments and the conversations that followed below:

KT ends the conversation by explaining what she loves about being a 2, and we closed with a reading of the 2’s ’emergence of essence’ from the Wisdom of the Enneagram.

When they remember their Essential nature and the Divine state that it mirrors, healthy Twos are aware of the presence of love all around them, so there is quite literally nothing they they need to get from anyone– and and nothing they can give.  Twos help all of us to see that love does not belong to anyone, and certainly does not belong to the personality.

We hope you enjoy this 4th installment of our Enneagram episodes; for us these episodes are super fun, challenging, life-giving and continue to remind us that the Enneagram is seriously no small thing!

Thanks for listening!

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