Listening Party For Your Ears

While the listening party for you ears, heart, soul and mind was made up of ton’s of ‘soundbytes’ and clips, there were some specific songs, poems, and quotes that deserve their rightful credit! In order of appearance here is links to what was featured:

The two “blessings” are from Jan Richardson’s ‘Painted Prayerbook’, you can find more blessings, blog posts, and are on her site.

Poetry from Sydney.  If you LOVED her poetry please check out her instagram page: zydlez where you can find a ton more of her poetry!!!

Secret For the Mad- Dodie Check out more of Dodie on her youtube channel:

Let’s Catch Up- Olivia DuPree (a friend of Macie’s and listener of No Small Thing!) **Check out Whisker Neat on Spotify for more music from Olivia and the band she is a part of!*

A huge shoutout to Twenty One Pilots whose lyrics from Jumpsuit and Car Radio which are found throughout the entire thing!

They Move on Tracks of Never-Ending Light by This Will Destroy You

One More Light (Live Acoustic)- Chester Bennington

There’s A Light- Beautiful Chorus … Check this group out! They make such beautiful melodic spiritual tunes!!

Moon-Sleeping At Last-  If you don’t listen to Sleeping At Last yet…maybe its time you do! Ryan O’Neill the man behind the band is thoughtful, sweet, and consistently putting out incredible music…go give him a listen! Also check out his podcast, The Sleeping At Last Podcast.

Acoustic Cover of Truce by Twenty One Pilots-

And a HUGE shoutout to Daniel Keyes for the piano work he did for this project.  It would not have been possible without your amazing piano improv!!

I think (hope) that is everything “big” in the project.  We at ‘No Small Thing’ hope you enjoy the space this “Listening Party” is intended to create. Silence, hope, and grace are no small thing!!


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