118: Seasons

Join us this week as we break down why SEASONS are no small thing! This topic seemed both eerily excitingly fitting for the night as we sat and looked out at the windows at huge clouds of smoke in the air from fires across the west coast and also celebrated the unveiling of a whole new set of podcasting equipment. The whole conversation felt very meta as we discussed this new season happening both for the pod and the world around us (now reaching 6 month marker of COVID entering United States). The conversation meandered from all kinds of places and in true NST fashion got us thinking and reflecting on the way our lives are shaped by the frameworks of seasons revealing their invisible power in our lives.

For the first chunk of the conversation we broke down our relationship to the four weather seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall each sharing our personal experiences with them. Scott being born and raised in the PNW shaped his take on seasons, while Mace’s California upbringing and eventual move to Seattle shaped theirs. In the end we differed GREATLY on what seasons are the best and what they mean for each us.

For the next portion of the conversation we moved into a more conceptual conversation around seasons and the differing “seasons of life” one may have, reflecting on the significance and power of moving in and out of stages/seasons in life. We each shared a bit about significant seasons in our own lives and what they meant for us then and how they relate to our lives now.

We were also joined this week by Reuven for a long awaited Reuvenation (it’s been wayyyy to long). His reading of “Manegg” by Don Mee Choi was breathtaking!

We close the conversation by hearing from a few listener comments about seasons and giving our final reflections. Seasons really are huge lenses for which we encounter each day, shaping our lives in small and big ways. Thanks for giving this one a listen, we hope you enjoy it and it gets you curious about your own relationship to seasons!

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