117: Childhood toys

Join us this week as we unpack all things childhood toys. This topic has been on the pod’s mind for a while and this week we decided to breakdown and take a curious walk down the nostalgia of childhood toys!

We began this week by hearing Mace do their darnedest to explain their favorite childhood toys, though it quickly becomes apparent that Mace has a very broad definition of what a toy even is (do trees, rocks and sticks count?) and perhaps a less than average memory of specific toys they loved. Mace shares about their most beloved toy, a Teddy Bear, and tries to convince Scott that roller blade attachments and a tether ball court are toys (they totally are).

The conversation then gets wild and fun as we are joined by Scott’s brothers Shane and Skylar. They each bring the energy as they go back and forth reminiscing on favorite toys, commercials, and moments from their childhood playing together. Shane’s enthusiasm is contagious as he gets more and more excited remembering specific toys such as He-Man. Bravestar, and My Pet Monster. It’s special to hear as these three brothers bring the memories out from one another and let themselves indulge in the joy these toys brought them!

The episode wraps with hearing from the listeners what their favorite toys and some closing thoughts about what toys mean to us and just why they are no small thing. We hope this episode brings you a hit of nostalgia and a chance to be curious about what toys you were using as a kid and how they shaped you.

My Pet Monster is watching you!!

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