116: Gender 4

Join us this week as we circle back to a conversation around gender. About a year ago, for episode 69 NST centered our conversation around the topic of gender, and the conversation served as a platform and space for Mace to publicly come out on the pod as gender queer. Well, about year later we check back in with Mace (as Scott guides an almost quasi interview conversation) about their continued experience of their gender and the new discoveries and insights since last time.

Unlike the last interview with Mace around gender they are feeling much less nervous and more confident and bold in sharing their story. During this conversation you can sit back and enjoy two close friends discuss such an important topic in the context of relationship. Mace shares the ups and downs of the coming out process, how they have learned to be a better self advocate, and what it looks like for them to continue to push up against the gender binary.

This conversation also takes a turn as Mace shares what it means for them to identity as a lesbian, and the freedom they have felt as they embraced the language of genderqueer, non-binary, transgender, and lesbian. Mace shares a bit about their relationship to their body and gender as well as explains what it means for them to be in continued transition.

Mace’s recent artwork exploring their body.

While the conversation is mostly focusing on Mace’s own experience Scott shares from his own perspective what it’s been like being on the gender journey with Mace and what he has learned about himself, Mace, and a bit of the queer experience.

We so hope you enjoy this casual porch conversation between two best buds about a not so small and not so casual topic such a gender!

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