115: Enneagram 7 with lillie dawes

This week we are so excited to share an interview with Lillie Dawes. Lillie is a long time listener of NST who has ‘through the pod’ become a friend of the show. She was featured in the Enneagram and Covid episode as an Enneagram 7 and we just knew we needed to have her on for more. This week join No Small Thing as we hear what the world looks like from this Enneagram 7, living as a teen, during the year 2020 !

We talk to Lillie about all things seven- from the haunting fear of boredom, to the hopefulness and optimism she brings into everything, to the challenge of sitting and slowing down. We also get a chance to get to know Lillie as she shares about her crafts and plans for the future! Towards the end of the conversation we also dip our toes in a conversation around instinctual variants, where Scott and Lillie find solidarity in their sequence of 1-1, self-prez. Lillie invites us into her dreamer mentality, we found her thoughtufulness and insight to be so inspiring….and we hope you do too!

And for funsiies check out these amazingly hilarious enneagram 7 memes (*featured from @enneagramreposts on IG*)

We hope you enjoy this episode, catch you next week!! Also if you are enjoying the podcast make sure to find and follow us on IG to participate and be a part of the community and give us a rating & review on iTunes (a little support goes a long way!)

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