114: Björk

This week on No Small Thing we are deep diving Björk! Maybe the most iconic and innovative artists of this century, we curiously and passionately explore all things Björk…of course we are just scratching the surface as Björk has an immensely vast, varied, and expansive discography.

Scott has distantly loved her since he was a late teen, while Mace just recently entered into the deep and beautiful hole of obsessing and deep diving her. This week Scott and Mace discuss why they love Bjork just so much, what her music means to them, and what about Bjork makes her so dang special.

Not only does Björk create amazing music inspired by nature, impassioned with love, and driven by experimentation she is also a fashion and visual icon, as experienced in her style and music videos…


At the end of the episode, after ebbing and flowing from appreciating Björk as a person to her creative projects Scott and Mace each share their top five songs of hers…a seemingly impossible task, therefore there are many honorable mentions!

This episode really is just the start of many more Björk episodes as she serves as a muse and inspiration for the pod/band. If you enjoy listening along to us as we gawk over this star let us know either through our instagram @nosmallthing or head over to iTunes to give us a rating and review!

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