081: Gender 2 (with Henea De Savy)

This week we we had the privilege of talking to our dear friend Henea de Savy. Henea identifies as transgender and was extremely generous to share her story with us.

This is our second episode on gender and we want to use show notes this week just to say a quick word about how we are approaching these episodes. So far we have intentionally strayed from getting into theological or philosophical debates about gender and sexuality. We may get around to that someday, but for now we hope that hearing people’s individual stories is compelling enough.

We are all utterly unique individuals with completely unique experiences, thoughts, feelings, motivations, and paths to being our full selves. Part of our mission as a podcast is to cultivate curiosity and we believe it is important to be curious about how people want to identify and present.

Henea’s story is significant all on its own, but for Christians listening it might be helpful to pay attention to the last quarter of this episode where Henea engages scripture and how she has found affirmation in God who calls her “beloved daughter”.

Oh! And below is the picture we talked about in the podcast from the Seattle times! Fredrik (Heneas twin) is in the front with his arms up and Henea is in the back looking away.

Gender is No Small Thing! Hearing people’s stories and learning to see everyone with dignity and delight is extremely important and we hope we’re playing our role in helping people do that. Thanks for listening everyone and here is the episode in case you missed it!

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