027: James Cone

This week we are discussing James Cone.  Known as the founder of black liberation theology, his writings and thoughts are seriously no small thing.

While both Scott and Macie love to deep dive, Scott is the big deep-diver when it comes to reading and for the past year he has been reading and studying all the works of James Cone, so it seemed fitting we would dedicate an episode to celebrate and hear all that was learned through such a book worm’s journey.

We are also joined this week by Tali Hariston who has worked in the ministry of reconciliation in a multitude of capacities including directing Seattle Pacific University’s John Perkins Center and currently serves in the Seattle Presbytery as director of community ministry and reconciliation.  Tali is also a huge fan of James Cone so its safe to say we all popped off a bit about theology stuff!

We are joined by Reuven for a “Reuvenation” aka Reuven’s Poetry Corner where he shared with us a bit about the concept of ‘futuring’ and read “Though We Have No Chance of Escape, Encore” by Cynthia Dewi Oka.

We conclude the night by sharing some of our favorite quotes from Cone’s writings and just being inspired and fired up by Cone’s words!

When we truly recognize the limits of our experience without denying its revelatory power, we are then encouraged to reach out to others and connect with the transcendent in their experiences.  The great problem with dominant white theologians, especially white men, is their tendency to speak as if they and they alone can set the rules for thinking about God.  That is why they seldom turn to the cultures of the poor, especially people of color, for resources to discourse about God.  But I contend that the God of Jesus is primarily found where dominant theologians do not look.

God of The Opressed

We hope that you enjoyed this episode!

We end the episode with this speech made by Cornell West at Cone’s funering in April this year.  His words seem to speech to the profound impact James Cone had on so many, enjoy.

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